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Can not search for small stones, after spawning on the beach.
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After spawning on the beach, I squatted down to search for small stones. Instead of receiving a "Search for Small Stones" menu option, I had a "Receiving" notice pop up, in response to my action.

Generally, the "Receiving" message appears in response to trying to open a door, or trying to pick up an item, just prior to a "No Message Received" notification. In this instance however, I never saw the "No Message Received" notification, nor was I disconnected from the server.

I tried to get the "Search for Small Stones" menu a half dozen times, but I was not successful with any of my attempts.


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I have been able to successfully pick up small stones in the past, so I'm not sure what was different about this particular experience.

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I have previously reported an intermittent ability to get a prompt to wring my pants, when they are wet. This was on Helpticket #0023127. I neglected to mention at the time that when this problem appears, I also see a "Receiving" message in lieu of a "Wring Pants" menu option.

Additionally, when I experienced this problem I did not receive a "No Message Received" notification, nor was I disconnected from the server.

I wanted to mention this, in case these two issues were related. I wall update ticket #0023127 with this information.

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