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Too Few Food Spawns
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I understand the premises of the game are survival and realism (besides zombies), but food seems to have become unacceptably rare and hard to come by since the last time I've played ~9 months ago. The lack of food makes gameplay un-enjoyable and tedious. It's fun to explore for weapons and gear, but when the majority of your time is spent looking for food the game becomes almost a chore.

I would recommend either dramatically increasing probability that food can spawn or the amount of time a player can go without becoming hungry/starving.


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In my opinion, the problem isn't "too few" food spawns but just the fact that there is no decently designed or working item loot spawn mechanic.

Food is scarce because there is a high demand for fresh spawns, and no new food is being spawned. That is why you will find a can of soda at best.

Easy to find food. Plenty of berries (red and blue) and apple trees. But it is important to be hydrated as you will require less food.

Search each berry bush or apple tree 6x minimum.