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Error: "Error putting item in your hands"
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Hello DayZTeam,

I have found a new bug. I wanted to eat something and i tried to eat, but my character don't wanted to eat, i had my food into my hands and i become a error message. The Error message ist: "Error putting item in your hands". I fixed this error with a relog.



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I dont know how i Reproduce this error, sorry.

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I hope i can help the DayZ Team to make DayZ better.

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I find this problem when the item is in the "Vicinity" section of my inventory. If I right click it and select 'eat all' sometimes I get the error message "Error putting item in your hands".

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I faced this with a cooking pot in .59 stable. With items inside the pot (filled with water and 4 items in cargo), I put this pot A into my hands and thereafter cannot remove the item without a relog. Same message "Error putting item in your hands" and "unable to pickup item" when interacting with other items on ground.

Found another pot, it was empty and I tried to drink from it. Seems to be fine, and I can remove the item from my hands. So it appears to be an issue with having items in cargo?