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Cattle prods utterly pointless
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I was just in Cernaya Polana with a fully charged Cattle prod (Pristine, with pristine battery I started with) when a full gear suddenly showed up in front of me.

I hit him at least 6 times with the cattle prod when he was stood still and another three times later on (the guy was a lousy shot)

I've been attacked repeatedly with the cattle prod and I never went unconscious at all. I suppose this would only happen if you were hit in the head. This renders the weapon totally useless... as so many other items in the game, it isn't working.


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against zombie you need 2 hits and the zombie is dead. but after 3-4 zombies the batteries is dead.

I was using it against a player and I hit him about 9 times.

I don't want to KILL anybody using a cattle prod.

The point of a cattle prod or stun baton is to STUN people, not to KILL them.