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players and zombies on fire and flame throwers
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a flame thrower is a relative simple weapon. so why don't add it? it's effective and silent. it could be a crafting thing. when damaged, they could have the possibility of accidential explosion.
it would be also interesting to have the possibility to set zombies and players on fire. (a player could roll on the floor to extinguish the fire). roadflares and flareguns could do the trick.
and finally the burning of trees would be a nice (side)effect. also the burning of the haystacks and hayrolls would be cool. if the rolls would be roll-able, it would add more strange tactics to the game as well as great optics at night.
also the crossbow could use aroows with rags and gas for oldschool firearrows.
imagine all the possibilities.


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They can't get the loot mechanics right, they can't get the zombie AI right, they're not doing squat to create a decent melee system, and yet you ask for THIS? LOL

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yes i do. i like the new loot system, even if it's strange (not hard!). i like the new zombie ai, even if it's kinda computerized (pathfinding without delay is just too overpowered in terms of realism - but hey zombie aren't real at all). the melee system... oh yes, it's strange. but i don't care. i'm getting used to it. dayz is dayz and it always was. it's different, that's the reason i play it. i don't like the actual way of the zombie melee, because it looks way too funny (omg, they want to hug me) - not because it became more difficult, it didn't, it's a lot easier now.

You like buildings overcluttered with military loot, so overcluttered that it causes server lag while at the same time somewhere else on the map complete towns are devoid of loot?

Wow, you seem to have an interesting definition of "strange"

It's called "broken". The developers know that it is "broken"

And before 0.55 nobody with even minute playing skills ever got hit by a zombie, I took on three simultaneously with my bare fists without getting hit more than once or twice, they were that weak. Before the recent hotfix, however, they were more dangerous than players with guns.