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loot system
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loot system still terrible. Even in north cities, including military bases, svetlojarsk and other towns e.g. zelenogorsk. No loot, no guns, multiple empty buildings. The game has been wrecked, its despicable.


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i just found 2 cans of food out of 10 buildings in zelenogorsk. and finally found some matches there. i don't see a problem. you most be unlucky someone looted that place before you.

what a loadof rubbish. Ive looted the whole map. Heading north I found food, but no guns. its wrecked.

It has nothing to do with luck, it has to do with whether the servers restart or not. I was on one server in Dolina and Staroye earlier and found lots of cool stuff including an MP5 and 3 30 round mags...

Been playing on a 50 player server since 6 hours. I can't find ANYTHING!

There are servers were you have to whack cows or freshspawn with a lug nut and cut them up with a stone knife and eat them RAW in order to even stand a chance of surviving.

This has nothing to do with "survival feeling". It is just "despicable" as the OP said.