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invisible zombies hint
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I got hit by invisible zombies two times. upon login very early after server restart, i didn't see any zombies around and got attacked by an invisible one. maybe the server registers the zombie but client doesn't show it to me. Maybe zombies get into the world on the server after my reconnection and not properly showing on client because of my early login.


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I noticed several times that after entering the server that your character screams and screen become red. But no damage taken.

I confirm this issue. I have read about this issue on various forums and it seems to have been in the game before in around 2014 but I never had (have been playing since 0.28) until 0.55 update.
Whenever I try to play now (0.55) I always end up stumbling upon invisible zombie (even if I try to use new stealth mechanics) that attacks me and takes normal zombie damage. I have been forced to stop playing until this is fixed as it is impossible for me to play/test game without being constantly hit by invisible and silent zombie and dying. Lets wait until 0.56 zombies should be more stable by then.

There is an invisible zombie at Elektro

I've had several people report being attacked by an invisible zombie in elektro (though it could also be a player, dunno) and it happens to me quite often, when I'm there, too.

On all servers.