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Loot Respawn not working and Persistence does not work all the time (public .55)
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Okay so I have had over 500 hours into Day Z and I have to say that .55 is one of the most brutal updates ever. Mainly for two reasons: A) Loot re-spawn is not working properly and B) persistence does not always work

I have noticed that, and as it appears the Devs have somewhat as well, is that the loot respawn in .55 is not working properly, which is causing many of us to starve to death on the coast. At first, I thought this was the result of the simple central economy loot system that was moving everything inland, but that, however, does not seem to be case. I have noticed that after starving to death several times in many cities located along the player spawn points and being able to make 1 miraculous run to the Novya Petrovka, that the only loot that actually re-spawns as of right now is Tactical Bacon and sprit cans.

This is actually killing gameplay for all of us because the game is essentially unplayable due to the fact our character dies before we can accomplish anything meaningful. The only way I was able to make my run to Novya is by getting lucky and find two cans of tactical bacon in a car and essentially eating berries and apples - which by the way is not in of itself feasible to do b/c it takes hours to rack up food and your character, most of the time, expends more energy looking for it then what he/she takes in from eating it. What kills the gameplay the most is that without any type of item respwaning, it is impossible to even live off the land, i.e. without pots or matches it impossible to cook food from hunting, and without shovels and seeds you cannot farm. As the Devs pointed out in this week's status release that finding a can of beans should be a 10 on the difficulty scale, it feels more like a 20 because the nature of the game has changed drasticially. That is I find myself playing a hobo/dont starve to death simulator inside of survive a zombie apocalypse. Instead of calculating whether or not I should risk my life fighting off players or zombies to go into a town for supplies, I find myself asking whether its worth wasting the "energy" to go into town looking for supplies b/c i know character will begin starving to death the moment i step into town. I only enter a town if i can see a apple tree from afar... which really sucks.

Recommendations: obviously hot fix the spawning system as it appears only tactical bacon and sodas reappear and (as a suggestion) please make pots, matches, shovels, seeds, more abundant if we are to even stand a chance at surviving in the forest.

B) I've noticed that Tents seem no to be working correctly, i.e. on two separate servers I have set up tents about 5-10 mins before a server restart and when the server restarted my tent and loot were both all gone? Out of the 3 times I tired to replicate this, it seems if i set up a gardening plot right by my tent about 10 mins before the server restart, both the garden plot and tent disappears. On the third time I tired setting up my tent without a garden, the tent remained after the server restart.


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sorry if this sound like a semi-rant but a lot of my friends are beginning to take a break from day Z due to the impossibility of surviving. I can't even kill and cook my friends b/c i lack the supplies to cook meat :-( . . . In my opinion there should be a way to cook food on a stick instead of needing a pot.

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As I noticed on 0.54 on persistent servers over time the loot seemed to get less and less and all you found was the junk. It seams the same on 0.55. After the big update I was finding loads of stuff and ammo for my magnum. In the last 2 days I have found no 357 ammo the only thing I have got is some 9mm rounds. Plus food is getting rarer and I have only seen one animal to kill in the last 7 days. They could double the available loot and it would still be sparse. I don't want the game made easy, but a game should be fun which dayz is not at the moment.
As the OP said the devs spiel was for you to think do you risk going into that town / Mill installation. At the moment it is no as there is nothing of value in them to take the risk. I did a run from Vybor to Novy Sobor 2 days ago and searched every building and found nothing of interest or food. All I got was heartache as my kite got ruined by the zeds I encountered. Lets hope the situation improves.

Hello rickysingh1,

Don't worry, the team has already received plenty of feedback like this, and the designers are also continuously collecting data on the loot spawns for example so that they can tweak/balance the loot spawn system. My best suggestion would be to try out future versions of DayZ and see if the changes are more to your liking.