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Feedback: Are Zombies a bit too strong now?
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Hey guys,

With changes to the numbers of zombies, the mechanics for fighting zombies, and the fact that loot is suddenly very hard to come buy when you spawn(including food, weapons,etc) have zombies become too strong and a huge nuisance to deal with ?

Before they were inconvenient but fun to deal with and somewhat tricky if you have no weapon, but now unless you have some ranged weapon/1 hit melee weapon, it is pointless to fight them, as its nearly impossible to evade their hits unlike before.

I love the change to their numbers, and it honestly adds a good feel to the game but the fact that even low grade loot is rare and its impossible to fight them, makes them very very annoying, because the only work around is to try and sneak by them which is painfully slow and often unsuccessful.

As with every problem its always useful to offer a suggestion: if you guys see that I mightn't be totally wrong, Id like to see a way of dealing with zombies other than being endlessly chased by them, like maybe a craftable weapon that degrades fast but is able to easily deal with them or something? or would that be too imbalanced?


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this is just an honest feedback from me, an average player, hope its useful. love the game and always excited to see it better and better.

Keep up the great work

EDIT: actually never mind what i said about loot, there is a change to the loot system so Ill hold my judgement till then lol.

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They are too fast I think.

But the bigger problem is: they do no more sounds (very often) and they are invisible (very often).

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I agree they are to hard. It should not take 4-5 hits with a fire axe to take a zed down 1-2 should be the norm. And if you are using some weaker weapon then it should take more hits to take them out. And the still fuck up your kit to quickly when they do damage it. In 0.55 I have had pristine items go ruined from 2 hits by a zed and that has not been a one off it has happened on multiple occasions. Not a major issue when the loot was more abundant, but with the current loot system it is. If you are taking on one zed they damage, but should not ruin your equipment so easily. A horde should be a different mater. It would be good to get the balance right they are a threat, but one on its on with the right melee weapon it should not be so much if an issue which it is not at the moment.

Also they do, we say, 2 hit animations, and the 3rd hit is without animation.

Same when running:
they do 2 steps but they move as far as 3 steps.

You can not imagine how much I hate this people who dislike a topic without leaving a comment ...

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the deveoper's objective was to make you avoid them. Then avoid them and you'll get less problems. Here is the guid about interection with zeds & not get dead About balancing...noone said "The job is done". Just wait & help developers by making correct feedback about issues you see in the game.

They are bugged, a bit fast but not strong.

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the damage is really random.
One time you get 9 hits and only a litte damage and on another day, you get 3 hits in one seconds (in the past, it was one hit) and your stuff is ruined or you are instant dead.
But they do not hit... it is enough if you are infront of them or on there side.