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I get an Memory Write error from the DayZ.exe when i Exit the Game.
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When i exit the Game the DayZ.exe always report an Memory write Error when i exit the Game.

The Message Says the following (I translated it to englisch because im German):
DayZ.exe - Error in Application

The instruction in 0x71930000 points to Memory 0x71930000. The Process written was not able to be Processed in the Memory.

Please klick "OK", to exit the Programm.

My Ram is totally OK and i have no Viruses on my PC. The error exists even when i turn my Anti-Virus Programm off. {F31560}


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Just close the Game.

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In the meanwhile the error has changed a little bit.

Instead of 0x71930000 it say now 0x71960000.

My friends getting the same Error when they Exit the Game.

If you are using the -winxp launch command, either shift+tabbing out, or exiting the game after prolonged play will cause this.

Delete ALL launch parameters.

I had also a problem like this. After deleting the absolutely stupid parameters (which dosnt't change ANYTHING by the way) the game was running fine.

But i have no launch parameters. So thats not solving the Problem for me.

I have the same problem since using the 0.56 experimental update. on exit I get the "Memory could not be written" dialog box every time I exit the program

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Yep - me too.

The instruction at 0x76fcd63 referenced memory at 0x00000014. The
memory could not be written.

Every time I close.
No launch parameters.

Same for me. No launch parameters.

same, since .56 exp, also no launch parameters.

I have same issue, no launch parameters. Happens even when I launch the game for one minute.

Had the issue when I had launch parameters and then after I removed them I still get the issue