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0.55 Update complain
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1st a big thanks for your Support (fast answer/react), but now i have a complaint.

Update 0.55 failed so hard, why didnt you guys test it more on experimentals ?

There is no more fun on DayZ with this Update....

Zombies are too strong, there is not enough food, loot is spawing randomly...
Best spawn places like heli crashes, military bases are useless now

I know many people wants more survival in DayZ, but with this Update you guys completely destroyed DayZ.
Players are dying from starvatin in PvP before they get even shoot ....

DayZ was perfect at 0.54, except bugy Zombies and Cheaters... !

If that Update is 1st April joke, then it was REALLY funny.

You should see at the statistics, that more and more people will stop playing DayZ, if you guys dont change anything.

I hope youll fix this, and sorry for my english ;D


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i don't agree, the new patch is awesome, they just need to fix the loot and zombie animation and small issues. The game should be much harder to play, you should sneak around zombies, you should hunt for food and farm for food. the loot should be scarce, especially food and weapons. i think they are going good direction.

of course they have to change/fix something, as i said
but there is no reason to use 0.55 on offical Server when there are so many bugs

DayZ is actually unplayable...

People are searching for hours Weapons and food ..
and JUST if your REALLY lucky you find something...

actually if you dont dupe food your dead... i mean WTF ?

i didn't play .55 since i cant lauch the game anymore :D ...
but in my opinion the game must be hard, what you described is what i wanted from devs to do.

weapons should be rare and food should be rare because we are living in an apocalypse. you shouldn't find the food anymore, you should grow it, hunt it and such.

the only problem with this build is the loot (as i read players comments on it) and it will get fix in the next build hopefully

Oh my sweet Coastal child, you wont survive much longer.
Only thing that they fucked up are guns ( they spawn even in your grandma's house ). A bit more food. I still got plenty of food left. A little bit more ammo and civil guns and that's all. I think 0.55 is cool patch, no better nor worse than 0.54, and I love zombies now.

I played .55 on a private server. Did not meet many players but I did not need to as the struggle to survive kept me occupied. It was fun even though gathering has pretty boring mechanics right now.

Then the "private hive fix" came and the server disabled persistence. My struggle for survival ended abruptly as I found tons of loot everywhere. As did my attachment to my character. I fooled around a little. It felt just like .54 - boring unchallenging easymode. This character suicided today.

you really need to play with 3 or more players, its way easier to enter towns and loot stuff fast, and once you find stuff you need to spread it around to your friends and get them geared up. its really hard playing it with yourself and maybe one other but a whole crew will make your life easier!

They just need to fix the zombies a little and gardening!

i actualy hope they will lower the number of cans and food to the minimum possible level, so we are forced to hunt and farm, find clean food and precious items like bottles and seeds. i want to see the challenge in surviving, want to fear the zombies and move stealthy around them. to fear the death from players, zombies, sicknesses, cold, starving...

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Hey guys,

I'll leave these here:

There'll of course be more tweaking/balancing on food spawns and the zombies as development progresses, but don't expect for premade foods to be as readily available like before. Please keep in mind that the designers are also actively looking at data from loot spawns so that they can tweak the system in order to make the game neither too hard nor too easy.