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Player dies far too easily from energized and hydrated after eating just one piece of raw meat
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My character was dark green energized and dark green hydrated. I ate a raw bore steak and got the "my mouth tastes funny" messages. Within half an hour i went unconscious and couldn't be revived. I waited ~45 mins while unconscious and was being force fed food, vitamins and drinks. Nothing worked so i was forced to respawn.

  1. Why on earth would a single piece of raw meat put someone into a coma? Sick, sure. But into a coma/dying? I'd think that's very very rare.
  1. This really doesn't encourage people to "live off the land" as it's so ludicrously punishing (see: unrealistic).
  1. At no point did my character throw up of his own accord. Surely if you're THAT sick, you should throw up without needing to drink 20 gallons of water? The human body tends to try and flush these things out by itself...

Having not known that "forcing" your character to throw up can sort it out, i was searching for antibiotics the entire time (through 3 towns) but found none - they are so ridiculously rare.


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Well, i was starving earlier today. Ate 2 whole cows raw and didn't get sick.

I think food sickness from raw beef is pretty random, no?

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Maybe so. My issue is more that it can kill a fully healthy, energized player who is looking after himself (drinking plenty etc.).

"Having not known that "forcing" your character to throw up can sort it out..." -> It doesn't. That's a myth originating in an interface bug where throwing up would hide the "sick" state.

The last time I got poisoned ingame I actually lasted a long time and eventually recovered completely without even falling unconscious (and this was chemical poisoning which is much worse). Maybe you got really unlucky and caught salmonellosis or cholera?

Given your outrage I just assume you did keep yourself bright green energized and at least dark green hydrated. Maybe you were on low blood and/or health though.