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Constant freezes of the game, every few minutes for about 1-2 seconds
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All the time since 0.55 on stable I got these freezes up in the north.
Last direct in front of a player, my croshair over his head while he was drinking, after the freeze I was dead. Frustrating. {F31557}


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Used a tool to prevent the escaping of the cousor from the game which otherwise produce a tab into windows every mouseclick on the secound monitor.

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Geez added a comment.Apr 8 2015, 10:19 AM

Hello Andro.
Have you tried running the game without the tool? Also are you using any startup parameters by any chance?

I also get the 1 to 2 second freeze every few minutes. I have no start-up parameters and am not using any tools. The freeze occurs when moving around

Do you get these freezes while moving around?
These freezes often happen for me when players login/logout...

The same problem here. I changed absolutely NOTHING in Windows or in Hardware.

It's def. the patch:

Look here my test-video on YOuTube how buggy it is:

Someone said to me that this happens also to him at the same moment than me.

The newe VBS3-Engine can fix this IMHO.

Geez added a comment.Apr 8 2015, 4:50 PM

Hello Paper26.
From the video you have posted it looks very similar to the issue other users experienced due to interference of BattlEye with some third party program. In case you figure out which program is causing the problem, you should contact BattlEye support immediately and provide them with as much details as possible so the problem can be fixed.

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andro added a comment.Apr 8 2015, 5:12 PM

Hi geez, yes on both.
My start paramaters are: -nopause -nosplash -skipintro
I played the game without the tool yesterday. I had noticeable less freezes but they are not gone.
I have exactly the same gamma flickering after the freeze as in the video the user Paper posted here.
Problem with mouse cursor tabbing out to windows drives me crazy and I will try another tool. XD

I have absolutely no 3rd Party Programm running in the background except all Windows Default programs and AMD Catalyst.

Geez added a comment.Apr 9 2015, 9:10 AM

Hello Andro.
Try removing the startup parameters too, as we do not support them any more and they seem to cause various issues within the game.

andro added a comment.Apr 17 2015, 9:10 PM

Today I had the chance to drive a V3s from the west to the east. While driving I had constant freezes mostly in the big towns along the mainroad in the north.
(Without startup paramaters and 3rd party tool).

Geez added a comment.Jun 3 2015, 4:51 PM

Hello Andro.
Do you still experience the issue?

Yes they are still present in 0.57.
The frames are dropping every once a while mostly in the north and its like a memory crash.

But I dont play 0.57 so much - neraly no zombies and the lootsplosions elemiante the fun for me personally.

I also get this issue, and have no startup parameters. I've noticed that it happens both when I'm moving, or standing still (not even looking around). I wonder if players entering your network bubble can cause it?

Andro comparing it to a memory crash is very observant. Before when the client was crashing frequently, it would freeze in a very similar manner before crashing to the desktop. Now it will freeze, and then recover.