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Zombies are way to fast on new release
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I am all for more Zombies, but come one on. The Zombies are Bionic for God's sake. We don't stand a chance when we first spawn, after being killed by a Zombie. Zombies cannot possibly move that fast and even more so they cannot hit you 3-5 times before you even have a chance to take out a melee weapon. They need to be slowed down drastically. On previous releases they were slow enough that you stood a chance.


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They are way too fast but I believe it's a design decision as players are way too fast as well and don't even tire in contrast to zombies.

I totally agree the Zombies are now Punching like Mike Tyson and Bruce Lee and they are way too fast. Besides this the Houses are totally empty and there is no food in there anymore. Please fix it quickly.

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Not to fast. They run at the exact speed as your character. They even have stamina, so just run a bit and they will slow down. The main problem is their sound, they don't got any. So you can't hear them coming. But I'm sure they are working on it... But in no way are they to fast.

What Ingal just said +1. Noticed that while hightailing away from it I was panicking trying to pull my gun out after clearing my hotbar, after a while the infected just slowed down and started walking along like it's tired. And running -does- affect everything you do. Tired as shit = missing alot.

Fast meaning aggressiveness and speed of contact with player. They are like a shark, and on you immediately. I do agree that you cannot hear them, they are very stealthy. Which I could be that stealthy. Ha ha.