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impossible to survive
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hey, after persistence is on it is almost impossible to survive. All buildings are empty. I really spend some time eating apples and berries but it boring. If you cant find an axe or matches it is not possible to play game because you cant make fire. Even if persistence is on some key survival objects should spawn randomly like matches, axes, plastic water bottles etc. Fresh spawns will never make it if it stays like that and servers will be empty....


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just spawn on any server now

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I've found out that:

  • There is nearly no loot on a 50 Slot server with about 25 - 30 players on
  • but there is much more loot on a 50 slot server with only 0-15 players on.

Means: a "full" server does not repawn loot fast enough OR correctly.
The less full server spawns new loot. One time directly in front of me (luck).

Yeah that seems to be the issue at the moment (especially private hives with a larger playerbase seem to have issues). Now you can still survive by gathering (I found staying warm to be the biggest problem).

You can cut bushes with knifes....plenty of hand axes around too.
Therefore you can make a fireplace.

When .55 was released to stable, the newly implemented CLE (Central Loot Economy) was glitched forcing nearly all the loot the be in the High-Northern region. The devs then turned off CLE and reimplemented the old method of spawning loot.

If your still having issues, then I reccomend going to a very-very small populated server and getting loot/food there. 0-5 players if you must. Going to a high pop server looking for food does add a sense of realism, but you always have the choice to go to a smaller pop server.

You can also go to a server that has increased loot. Usually that is implied in the server title. You can go to "Change Server" / Filter and type in "Loot" in the server title. I have found that the "prision island" can have lots of food in bottom floor storage near the cells; not in the cells, but a blue door.

All in all, I haven't had an issue with the reimplementation of the old-method of loot spawn. And the only reason why I had difficulty with .55 is because CLE was broken. Fishing might yeild better results. Check the coastline for boats, they often have Fishing Hooks, Raincoats and Wellies; both forms of cloating are good for keeping you warm too.