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No Matches... Anywhere
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Just want to get it in first... I'm loving this patch. Loot was far too easy to come by and the zombies are way better now. The issues with illogical loot doesn't bother me, as like I read in a post, it is easy to make a plausible story behind it. So well done everybody!
One thing I have noticed that worries me slightly... there doesn't seem to be matches... anywhere! I've put about 25 hours into the new version and looted numerous towns/cities. Found loads of food, drinks, ammo, guns, a smersh vest (woot!), ammo box (woot woot!) but not a single match. After going looking in that boat I got wet and nearly died as I couldnt find a single match to start a fire. Is this an issue or are you all really harsh gits?! :)


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Just run around Chernarus... or add an element of danger and get yourself wet first!

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Wanted to upvote, but you started by saying "I'm loving this patch"

lol - each to their own :)