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Server spawning way less loot than other servers no matter the amount of players.
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Since the 0.55 hit stable I was playing on Oldschool Dayz ( and server which is most popular 1pp private hive in Europe and I'm not writing that for promotion. This server has a big player base a lot of active players everyday. Since the update surviving on this server consists only of picking berries/apples and killing cows. I thought it is like that on all the servers. For the last 600 hours of gameplay I didn't play on any other servers but today I decided to check if other server also don't spawn any loot. I found out that other servers spawn at least 10 times as much loot as oldschool server. There is an issue with oldschool server since 0.55 hit stable. I should add that this is a private hive consisting of 2 server both of which spawn way less loot across the whole map (we checked, we have to much free time) than other servers I checked. I've seen private hives with normal loot spawn so I assume it's not just because it is a private hive.


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I am one of the admins of Oldshooldayz and it is completely true.

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I am admin too. If Bohemia does not anything about these problems *fast*, I fear we have to shutdown our service despite the fact we are paying a fortune for running these servers.

Both servers are hosted with Fragnet.

I am one player of thoses servers and I can confirm this !

I have been playing here long time. There has been come this problem since the latest stable patch. I can confirm too that the loot doesn't respawn properly.

Yep, No loot, Eating raw cow steaks and using charcoal tabs since the 0.55 patch.
Please fix this thingy thing.

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Comment for visibility.

i am a player on the community with alot of hours, i can confirm it is broken. there is no loot, and only the same loot as 24 hours ago.

I am a hardcore player and play only on OldschoolDayz, and I confirm that loot on this server is not the same on others. I really dont want to loose this server!

Clan admin for here, Hicks personally looked into our shard last night and confirmed there was an issue. Restored & reset seems to have sorted this.

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I play on Oldschood since several months and I confirm this

I confirm the issue

The problem is:

there are MANY plyers looting in a normal way and speed.
But the loot is respawning in normal speed anyway.

Fix: faster loot spawns based on the looting behavior of the players.

There are servers with more players and they don't experience the issue. It's probably comming from somewhere elese

I am also playing on the server. This need to get fixed fast. Losing interest in game :P

i can confirm the situation. over 15h playtime on the latest patch and its been miserable in case of loot

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We need a solution for loot problem

So, it's Fragnet?

Yes, the admins responding here are the admins of this server

Old system of loot was good, why change it in the first place? I haven't found any positive aspect on the new change .55, confirmed big problem with loot system (struggling with finding water bottle now and starving, low blood level after meeting with new kind of zombie and I cannot do anything about it so I assume I will meet another nice z eventually and die soon)

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i don't like the new system.

Because: if I want to buy a DayZ-Server later.. I want to decide myself which Loot the server can spawn. I don't want to pay nearly 80 dollars per month just to be a prisoner of the central-loot-server :P

I agree with everything that has been said here. really feel that a fix needs to be implemented asap!

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Just weighing in, I also play on these servers and the loot is most definitely broken. Cleanup doesn't seem to be happening nor have I witnessed any evidence of loot respawn. There is nothing left of value even in Stary Yar at this point.

Same here. Nothing found on the servers even right after a restart.

If you are on that subject Paper26, I find out about dayz when I thought about buying arma, It sounded like great adventure, so I bought it and I think it was the great game, now after .55 I'm just trying to prove myself that maybe I'm completely wrong lunatic and it is playable, but my conclusion is the .54 WAS GREAT but I should buy arma. In any IT project if the update fails that hard you get back to previous stable system

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Just doing my part in supporting this ticket. I experience the exact same problem.

0.54 was great yes.

0.55 is bad, because of Eugen didn't planned his "Economy-System" good enough I think.

If there are many players on a server, there is absolutely no loot. When there is noby dropping loot on the floor, nothing is respawning. So, planned not good.

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Rito fix pls

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Nothing to loot since the last update... Spamming the trees to get apples is not a way to survive

I had a full quiped char from 0.54. Now I died because of a invisible OP-zombie (1 hit = you are dead).

Now I stop playing DayZ until there is loot again like before.

Bohemia: with updates like this you will loose players and money.

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Loot before this patch was total bullshit as well. Had nothing to do with survival. For some reason persistence is still glitching out. I don't think they would have enforced it if they didn't think it would work. Well they were wrong.

Checked some public "official" serves. Loot is "piling" there as well. But! There is some kind of "normal" density which feels pretty good. Still its just the same shit. Only not as far gone bad as the Oldschool servers are atm.

I don't think anyone of us has seen the loot system working properly yet. But from what I have seen it will be way better then what we had before which, well was just a placeholder.

The new loot-system was not long enough in experimental.

WHY does experimental exists if every non-working code is patched to stable after?

Paper26 for discussion please use game forums.

Awesome, Thought that we have being saved with disabling persistence when i and others found out that servers are still persistence even after the Admins switched it off.

ReKoNe added a comment.Apr 6 2015, 7:08 PM

So finally, Fragnet allowed private servers to turn the persistence off which had been done on Oldschool today. The fact is : it didn't worked ! Still nothing to loot. GG Bohemia, this update is the worst ever !!!

I agree with Paper26 on his last words and don't understand (from a developer viewpoint) how you are able to push broken behaviors or unfinished systems onto the stable branch. It should never go on a production branch. Cherry pick what is working fine and keep these bugs onto your development branch !!! You knew the loot-system wasn't ready to go onto the stable branch as it was buggued onto experimental, so why did you choose to do it anyway ?? Best flop ever ! I am gonna play another game waiting for improvments !

confirmed, still doesnt work!

Logged 12:00 CET; No loot at all, found 2 cans and 1 seringe.
logged 16:00 CET; Still no loot, no respawns, nothing new.
logged 20:00 Cet; Pers is now turned off in order to fix the issues, still no new loot, still the same loot as 12:00.

Server has been restarted in between.

n4ttl before shutting the servers down consider to collect a special donation round in order to save the server over this hickup.

just tried the server with persistence off, and it changed nothing.

Let's hope BI gets to fix this soon, the key question will be if the private hive owners have enough 'voice/power' to escalate this.

Maybe the admins of the big private hives could join their forces in this?

confirm the very low loot respawn

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We changed the persistence to off since it is possible again. The changes did not change anything though. We have already created a ticket with our GSP Fragnet, but this is a really, really big problem for our community.

I get another kos because this is only logical way to play now (although I cannot do it) , but still f** as* , I think I just say the big GOOD BYE DAYZ !!!!

What we need also is a global char reset, public and private. Like this als this stupid KoS'er are just little kiddies who die of hunger.

Loot respawning after fragnet did something manualy. Persistance deactivated. After server restart there was low quantity of food (a can each 6-8 houses) but tons of other stuff. It would not be enough for a group of 4-6 bambies to get energyzed. I don't know if it will respawn.

I looted the whole lower and upper Berenzino. and have now 3 spare cans and a bag of rice and I am Energyzed and hydrated. But for the prime time we had only 20 players on both servers. Normaly there is one of them with 50/50 till 11:30 and the second 20-30/50 .

All what Fragnet did was just reset the loot, Persistence still going on, FUN FUN FUN.

can confirm. Persistance still active.

Now persistance is really off but loot spawns only on events (police cars and helis)

Yep, Checked police car and found tons of loot and same helis from 3 days ago had loot but nothing else.

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Can confrim this on German private hive servers.

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I've noticed the same thing on popular servers. Looting the airfield has become usless, since no new loot has spawned for 3 days and all I find is books, teddybears and briefcases.

We are not able to play on the server, please do something loots are not spawning anymore.