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To smart infecteds.
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Zombies to easely finds the shortest way to the payer.


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what do you expect?
should they start to flank you?

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I think they at least should thrash about looking for pass in a fence. If you saw some videos where animal have get in a cage. They start runing around looking for an exit. The conception of zombies in DayZ is about people faster becomes animals i think, then agressive smartyes.

i can say ,when you enter a house and theres 2 doors u close one and they change there path to the next open doors very fast like they know !
up to us to be more intelligent !

I'm trying to understand what is the new concept of zombies in dayz and I think they behave too much as live human beings, and it is not right in my concept of it. They should be dull, easy to kill if not in numbers, they should try to attack you through the fence, I'm thinking walking dead etc. I shouldn't think about the zombies as the intelligent enemies because they are lower than animals and their brains are almost dead. And the new stealth system? I was trying to hide in bushes from them, does not work...
Please increase numbers of them, do the massive migrations, put them in the buildings randomly, let's get players sweat because they don't know what can wait behind the doors, but do not do 'van dam universal soldiers' out of them.

They nust be deadly. You shoud get scared to shit when you here they are started to chase you. I see all is ok with zombies for now. BUt their pathfinding is cheaty.

You complain about their stupid AI and now when they get update you complain about them beign too smart. Just stop it ffs

JasonX added a comment.Apr 6 2015, 9:19 AM

Do not talk bullshit, it-s process of setup to find the perfect balance. Now developers have gone frome one extremeness to another. Its all about golden middle. So if we are bought the alfa then we involved into develpment and must say our minds.

my character was kos by some player when not be able to sneak out from roof of the building, because zombie is following you with no problem seeing through walls and hearing you from 50 m out, so it is always accurately waiting for you when you trying to get out. So I was running like stupid from one end of the roof to another (huge building) and then trying to sneak out back, trying to kill it from the edge (too close) etc, great, another 20 h through the window

Sounds like "mimimi can't handle the new zombies" at first but it is actually a real issue. Zombies just seem to know where all the doors are and whether they are empty or closed. This leads to pretty strange behavior like zombies running all round the building front to run through an open door far on the other side.

I wait till the zombies can open unlocked doors, climb ladders and jump over obstacles and climb trough big enough windows and also don't have a unsexy respawn mechanism :P

And when they will be able to make facial expressions, gestures and whisper crazy stuff, call other zombies to help I gonna be happy to have a full magazine and a lot of bullets in my inventory!

Even in the walking dead they can not climb ladders. I hope they will never learn it.

I think the zombie-path-finding is good.

A zombie shouldn't "pathfind" like a computer.

He should claw the door you closed in their face before attempting to find other entrances to the house.

I hate it when a house has two doors, i get in, close the door and the zombie instantly goes to the door on the other side of the house that he can't even see but somehow knows it's open.

The zombies in DayZ are supposed to be sick humans, not undead and not super stupid.
The "zombies" in the film I am Legend maybe gives you an idea.
But it is true That zombies immediately go to the next available path.
I would like to see 'em move around the house and searching for an entrance a little slower.

vatixerid - no problem there. let them be smart. but there's a difference between smart and all-knowing. they KNOW there's an open door even without seeing it.

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the zombie pathfinding is way to fast. as anyone else i've never seen one in rl, but it seems ridiculous that a zombie - and yes they are zombies, it's called dayZ for a reason - reacts without delay.
but they're ridiculous anyway now... haha. zombies on speed. once i was afraid, now i am just laughing. a dissapointment. zombies should be deadly, evil, loud and appear in masses everywhere. well, they are more deadly now. but that's just it. no surprises. speed - imo - is no solution to generate fear.