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tents not persistant
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i have found a few tents in dayz of both types . when ever the server restart the tents are no longer where i left them . the non military tents last about 2 server retest before they un-spawn and the military tents don't last one reset of the server {F31519}


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place tent
wait for server to restart tent is not where it was left

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i placed the tents mainly in forests and not closes to the road hidden from people to find.

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I can confirm this. My tent has despawned twice. Additionally, items placed on the ground inside the tent have also despawned. We also built an oven fireplace (8 stones) outside of the tent. It too, has despawned, and vehicles are no longer persistent.

I would also note that items that were moved prior to a server restart seem to re-appear near or at the same place they were when picked up. So unless you keep the items ON YOUR PERSON, they despawn and go back to their "assigned' persistent location.

Have you tried going into your server settings and Resetting Persistence. This had worked for me and a few other servers.