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Terrible Desync since last update
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Ever since the push to 0.55 stable I've been having terrible desync on most or all servers.

Doors open seconds later, he won't change weapons, reloading comes with seconds delay. I'm surprised I was even able to shoot three people ever since. Everybody is teleporting all over the place.

This is not an internet issue. A lot of players have been experiencing this. My ping is great. 95% of all players have desync in the player list, ranging from 2 to 19000. That makes me since this is a server-sided or game-sided issue.

The problem is that with the glitchy super-zombies, sometimes you don't stand a chance. I'm running like hell away from them but keep getting rubberbanded or teleported somewhere else, where they whack the crap out of me.


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What's weird is that with the usual desync I used to have, I would get movements I carried out earlier with the mouse later on. With this desync, I am constantly looking up at the sky although I never looked up.

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Well, I've had the issue in the meantime despite router reset.

If you're friends can hear you fuzzy on skype, it's your router. If they can hear you clearly, it's the game or the server.

Devs: this can be closed, since apparently the issue was in fact related to my DSL box. I turned it off and on again and the problems were fixed. Must have been coincidence the problems started the same time as the update.....

Same issue here, player started spazzing out all by itself I had to log out as it was unplayable, I will try and restart internet box or it was the server I dont know :s

True: player synchronization is really bad.