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Bug causing character to be Starving and Dehydrated upon login.
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I ate a Pumpkin while Light Green Energized and Dark Green Hydrated and my Hunger and Thirst levels never changed and stopped updating entirely, I decided to eat several more whole pumpkins and nothing changed, never got stuffed or energized or Hydrated.

Logged out and back in and I was Starving and Dying of Dehydration.

I proceeded to eat another Pumpkin so I won't quickly die of Starvation and Dehydration and the first one worked and I became Dark Green Hydrated and Yellow Stuffed, I ate a second one and nothing changed.

I was killed before logging out but I am sure I would have been Starving and Dehydrated again if I had logged out and back in.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Eat Pumpkins.

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You have to prepare you next login, I survived this, too.

Try to get a friend who has a pumpkin ready for eat. Tell him where he should go and wait till he is in position and log in.

When you log in, eat as fast as possible one pumpkin at once. But beware with the next and eat only a third if not stuffed.

I got this after a fried forfed me. I had to die to stop this bug....

Geez added a comment.Apr 7 2015, 2:23 PM

Hello Jonno12321 and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of and it has been scheduled for a fix.

Geez added a comment.Apr 10 2015, 3:56 PM

Hello Jonno12321.
The issue has been fixed internally and should be fixed on Steam soon.