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Suppressor Sound not working for Zombies
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Weapon suppressor of all types (easton/pistol/water bottle) still making sound of suppression but the suppressed sound from the suppressor agro's zombies from various distances.

Tried firing 100yards/200yards/300yards/400yards/500yards and all shots agro zombie and zombie(s)located my position and headed towards me.

Zombies from surrounding area found my position and proceeded to attack me as well with different tests/trials.

might as well not have it on. Other players still hear it suppressed but for some reason zombies are triggered the same as using a gun without suppression.

Tried firing while inside buildings, from fields, hided on hill tops etc and still producing same effect.


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Tried multiple distances, inside/outside, tried pistol/rifle/water bottle suppressors.

tried small towns/ large towns, various locations.

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Same as a "silent" arrow - on every NPC (Z, animals).

Geez added a comment.Apr 7 2015, 2:28 PM

Hello HaveLock and thank you for the report.
Currently the silenced weapons do not affect zombies or animals as the feature was not implemented yet. This will be changed in the future stages of development.