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Pressing "V" while sprinting makes character crouch instead of jump
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Well this happens sometimes and it does not happen every time, but when I'm sprinting. Holding "W" and Shift to sprint, I approach to the fence or something that can be jumped over while running, and I usually press "V" to do the jump and instead of jumping the character stops and does the slow animation like stepping over the fence and then goes crouch. Now this happens sometimes. I cannot tell you exactly when or after which action this happens but it does for me, but while it happened I did not have anything in my hands like a weapon, item or a tool. Sometimes it happens 2-3 times in a row and sometimes once. It looks like it is a bug with character movement.


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Start sprinting with nothing in your hands.
Run towards a wooden fence or some fence that you can usually jump over.
While sprinting press "V" key to start the jump animation.

It happens randomly for me. Not every time.

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Yes that happens.
The entire movement system keeps getting worse.

Can't wave (F1) or point (F6) without the character crouching or putting his fists up.

Often, while prone, when I eat or drink he'll stand up.

Same here, jumping often make you vault, fists up when doing emote, randomly change stance when eating/drinking or perform actions like searching apple/stone.
I know the movement system is placeholder-ish one and something new with more animated layer will come in one day or another and nobody from the team will respond because the "fix" will be this new animation system, but I have to report it anyway...

I have this problem too with my characters on certain servers.
Sometimes holding in V for a few seconds instead of just tapping it, keeps him from crouching.

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Yes, since 0.55.