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Introduce a new way to ignite a fire, or increase the droprate of matchbox.
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Since the last patch (0.55) We have to manage with the new survivor system, and i'm perfectly fine with it. With the new mechanics, its very rare to find something to light a fire,
as much i know, we have actually two ways to ignite a fire: a matchbox or a flare, so i propose to add 5 new items:

  • chewing gum pack (very common near the garbage can/trash)
  • cigarette pack (very common near the garbage can/trash)
  • plastic lighter who can be fill with gas (rare)
  • metal lighter who can be fill with gas (extremply rare)
  • the alluminium paper who can be found on both chewing gum pack and cigarette pack.

the alluminium paper can be used to light anything with a battery as u can see on on many youtube video and also on The Walking Dead Season 5 EP 5 by Eugene (the character, not the developper :P)..

PS: don't forget to read the comments, there are also some good ideas.
PS2: note that request was added 2015-04-03 19:12, back in time, there was no hand drill kit, nor lighter in model files.


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I would agree that adding more fire-making implements would be helpful. That way each item could still have a high scarcity, but you'd have more than one way to skin a cat. Each has its pros and cons. The flare works, but can only be used once and is very bright. A 9V and a .22 round or shotgun shell would also easily start a fire, and both of those items are in the game.

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with the next update you are able to craft an hand drill from bark and stick to light an fire.

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Not that important right now, also as mentioned hand drill is already in game.

@Geez hi :)

Please check this ticket.