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Zombies are OP again
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  • They now have stealth capabilities, running at full speed completely silent. You don't notice them until they hit you in the back. Even if they don't scream, their footsteps should be heard!
  • They can attack with full force sideways, so just being close to them (at the side/behind) means that you are going to be hit and start bleeding. Not sure if they have 180 degrees of reach or even more.
  • They are blazing fast. In cities with a lot of lag they move too fast for the server/computer to handle, making them rubberband and zap all over the place, going invisible and becoming impossible to hit.
  • They have xray vision and always know where you are. Go into a house and walk around - your companion on the outside will notice that the zombies follow you outside the house.
  • The have full knowledge about the status of any door or gate on the whole map. If you are in a building and a door is opened, they will instantly run to the open door to get to you.
  • They can avoid being hit by quick follow up attacks because of this crazy kickback when you hit them.


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Hello magmatrix and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of (#0023273) and it has been scheduled for a fix.