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Deer steaks not "heating up" in pot in Stone Fireplace
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Hey guys! Great update overall, but noticed an issue with our stone fireplace at our base. Filled a pot with steaks and dropped it into the "stove", but the meat would not heat up. There was no red heat indicator in any of the slots inside the pot, either. Tried taking it out, putting the pot back in empty, and then adding the steaks one at a time, but, again, no heat-up indicator. I left them there for awhile to see if they'd cook or burn, but nothing. I've even rebuilt the fireplace to no effect.


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Make stone fireplace (fireplace kit + 8 stones), add kindling, logs, ignite - add pot and meat.

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Hello horrorview and thank you for the report.
We have tested the issue you have described thoroughly, but unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the issue. If you are still encountering the issue, please wait until next update hits Steam and retest it there. Feel free to report back to us in case the issue re-appears.