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Invisible Zombies in Elektro&Cherno .55 Stable VIDEO RECORDING
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Running around the coast of Elektro; freshly spawned into a fight with an invisible, untouchable zombie. I recorded the experience so you can see for yourself. I apologize for the teamspeak chatter and entering this report with a "product version" listed as ".54". However I see no other option because leaving it blank seems...incorrect. And ".55" is not a choice in the drop down menu. Anyways, I hope this receives attention seeing as this is the second Invisized I have run into since I began playing when the update went live around 12noon EST.
Thanks, and happy playing!

EDIT: I forgot too post the video link haha


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As I have only encountered 2 of these zombies, and I am unaware of a way for me too influence zombie spawn rates...especially those for which sensory awareness hold no promise; I conclude there are no steps to reproduce except holding a golden horseshoe (Luck).

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We had also invisible 7-mio-$-Zombies in electro, which are hitting you 20 times in a second.

+1. My mate got killed by one at Vybor on DayZRP.

+1 .55 in Electro in front of the Police-Station I found some pants and stuff. Then I got hit and hit and hit and nobody has been there.

Whatever has been chasing me, hit me like with fists or like zombies do. And I was sometimes able to flee inside doors (entity didnt follow).
It did not follow up ladders, had longer to follow me up stairs and finally punched my feet broken.

In this case I did not think about some weird hack. A zombie with no textures at all is more likely the case here??

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Hello LunarHalo69 and thank you for the report.
This is a known issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.