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DirectX Performance improvement
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This is something between a Performance and Feature Request, it's a Performance Feature request.

As you are developing the new render system I asked me, which DirectX Version you are going to use. As we know there are some issues with the amount of rendered objects in big cities that cause massive FPS Drops. I'm pretty sure DirectX11 will perform much better that Dx9 does, but I just tested the 3D Mark Performance Check for different API's Dx11 ST Dx11 MT and Dx12, and boy... what an improvement!

The test goes just like rendering as much Object as possible generating as many draw calls as possible until the fps drops under 30.
with Dx12 you are able to put nearly 4 times more Draw Calls than wir Multithreaded Dx11. Guess this would resolve pretty much the performance problems in big Cities.

I read something about you can use some of the Dx12 Feature even in Dx11_3. Maybe this could be a solution too?

Thanks for reading this:)


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Continue with your great work with this big game:)

edit: replaced still with until... should read the message before sending and not after...

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I don't think they will add thing like you said.

This is way to complicated to add. Unfortunately they prefer adding thing to the old engine than adding finally a completely new engine and DX-Version like the community wants and the game needs!

This is what Marek Spanel the CEO of BI said on twitter about DX12 and Arma3

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Thanks for both links. Guess these are quite good news. The Twitter Statement does only apply to Arma3, so in fact it's also nice to hear but nothing to do with DayZ imho.

But with the Forum some of the question here have been answered:)