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4 men 1 blue V3S
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Me and a friend were engaged in a firefight which seemed to be legit. 2 men in a blue V3S baiting while the other two as scouts. My friend ran due to severe injuries and I stayed. I killed one guy then immediately a fully decked out guy with double barrel shotugum popped in behind my 3rd person view. He killed me but before he did I said,"HACKER! LOW-LIFE!"

Server was = YummyBrains! Dallas,TX ::Persistance OFF


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Stupid people.

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Do you have any proof of this? Logs anything? The chance of a hacker already being on 55 is slim since whenever there is an update the hacked code they use is outdated. This guys was probably already behind you and you didn't know it.

I encountered a hacker on experimental the other day right before the update to stable, so i wouldn't doubt it. the guy I encountered was flying around and dropped down right in front of my at the junkyard up north said something then flew off. He didn't kill me so I didn't really care too much.

Yeah I know no proof I thought I'd just report it.