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Healing status message not displayed when appropriate.
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I was "lime green" Energized and Hydrated. I got beat up by a zed and was bleeding. I completely lost all of my color vision. Over the next thirty minutes I ate three cans of peaches and was able to maintain a "lime green" Energized and Hydrated status, but I never received a Healing notification even though I completely regained my color vision. I then logged out of the game for the night.

Tonight I logged back in and I had "lime green" Energized, Hydrated and Healing messages. After about ten minutes, the Healing status went away and a Healthy status appeared.

For some reason, it was necessary to log out and then back in before the Healing status was correctly displayed.


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In DayZ you have two Life-Critical values. Blood and Health. Both are reduced when taking damage. Blood loss affects you to loose your color vision, Health loss makes your screen blurry if you have post processing on.
If you are "lime green" energized and hydrated and don't have full health and blood, then the blood regeneration will start with 1,5 Blood/sec in 0.55. Once you are on full blood again, the health will regenerate on a much lower rate and will cause you to get a healing status. Once health is full you will receive the "healthy" status.
This mechanic has been around for a rather long time. There is a youtube chanal called "WOBO" that has videos explaining this in detail.
I think it was a coincidence that you were just full on blood, when you logged out and the fact that you "have not tried" to reproduce the bug, leads me to the conclusion, that this is not a bug but a mechanic, unfamiliar to you.