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randomly lock doors on server-restart
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in addition to the new random state of open/closed doors: lock some doors, maybe even certain buildings as a whole!

together with your overhauled loot distribution and the possible introduction of unique loot this might be sublime "mid"-game content. :)



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please consider :D

my support. Also jammed doors and barricaded doors.

This would be great! It would add some variation to the looting aspect.

very good idea

it's not very realistic, imho. therefor we need some possibilities to smash (wooden) doors, maybe by axt, guns etc

not realistic to have locked doors in a world? man where do you live? almost every door is locked. its unrealistic to have every door unlocked... i support the idea of locking some doors.

unrealistic by the way it's not possible to open/smash locked doors, not the looked-thing as is it ;)

but let's go a little more further with the realistic thingy, if there would be looked houses, you need infected spawns within houses. i dont guess on a apocaliptic szenario like dayz your first thought when seeing a zombie is like 'oh fuck, i need to look all doors before i leave this place'

i dont like it, all stuff as it comes from people has to be in the last state of change. i can understand that doors are sometime open and closed, it would be strange if all doors are every time open but locked? if a person locked it then it is ok but not random. when the server restarts and your character is in such a house and unable to get out, what will you do?

Yeah that's right, so windows must be breakable too. very big story i guess

you surely can use the player's bubbles to prevent such things as suddenly imprisoned players.

also like the idea with spawning zeds inside of buildings. imagine to find a way to open a locked door only to find a swarm of zeds.

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