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Loot on floor after login
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-Random item from backpack goes on floor after login.
-Please keep in mind that I log out and log in on the same server.
-Until now I have only experienced one item go on floor after login.
-Login rearrangement causes this, the bigger the item, the more of the possibility it happening.
-The rearrangement puts items in random slots but a chance the bigger item not fitting causing it to drop on floor on login.





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Sometimes that happens with protector cases when you have free space in your inventory. It is connected with random rearrangements of items after relogs.

Hey guyz,

I could not reproduce that issue. Could you please try if this also happens in the lastest experimental branch?

Also, make sure you didn't log out with the medkit in your hands as items will drop to the ground upon log in when you logged out with them in your hands.

The rearrangements happen because when the player data is pulled from the database, the player's inventory will befilled left-to-right, bottom-to-top in the order the data is listed in the database.

This might cause situations where for instance you logout with an empty slot somewhere in the middle of your packpack and when logging in, the empty slot is on the bottom right, because of what I described above.

Hello Johnny, thankyou for taking the time to test this.
Apparently it is not the medkit that is the problem, on another session (different server and different player), the mp5-k I had in my backpack was on the floor when i logged in. The medkit and mp5 were both at the bottom of my backpacks slots on each session (one or two slots free). I dont know what causes this.
Everyone reports the item dissapearing, im not denieing their claims but it could well possibly be this situation where they log in and the item is on the floor and they think it has dissapeared when they check their inventory. I always check my inventory when I log in.

Could it be the login rearrangement pushing the items out for some reason? Because when the mp5-k fell on the floor, my backpack was rearranged in a way that I could not fit the mp5-k back into it.

Have not tried experimental yet.

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Johnny I can confirm my theory! Posting images on the ticket.

Theory -(Could it be the login rearrangement pushing the items out for some reason? Because when the mp5-k fell on the floor, my backpack was rearranged in a way that I could not fit the mp5-k back into it.)

You are right, it's got to do with the rearrangement. There is a rather simple explanation to that:

When you login, your player data, including your inventory, is fetched from the database and the items are put into your inventory from left to right, from top to bottom. If you look at your images you might notice that where the first gap in your backpack is, the items right of that gap moved one slot to the left.

As a result of that rearrangement, your MP5 does not fit in there anymore as there are no 4x3 slots free. There are enough free slots in total, but not in the shape that the MP5 would fit in. That's why it's dropping to the ground.

I hope I could properly explain the issue. If you have any questions, just fire away.

I understand completly.
Thankyou Johnny and devs working on this.

Johnny feel free to check my other reports ;)

Especially this one:

Thanks again :)

I do have one question, why does it not rearrange when backpack is full?

It does. Because the positioning is simply not saved to the database, a vexing condition I must say (why not, that's not more than a few additional bytes if at all? While in-game, there must be some array holding that information), vexing because the arrangement of items has a lot more uses than just effectively using space. I think that problem only arose at about V .42, but I may be mistaken there.

I observed this very same problem yesterday, with a long range scope (that's just 2 slots) dropping to the floor on login, on experimental.

I see :o thankyou :) so now we know experimental has the issue too, good info!

Geez added a comment.Mar 24 2015, 10:23 AM

Hello cs_wolf and thank you for the report.
This issue is caused by the item rearrangement (#0022321) and the dropping mechanism is there to prevent the items from being deleted completely upon rearrangement.