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X and C: The solution to all of DayZ's problems
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Alternately tap X and C

This will solve ALL your problems in DayZ

Can't make a splint?

Can't jog up the slope cuz it's too steep?

Keep having to attempt making a stone knife again and again?

Get stuck while trying to drink the full bottle of water?

Hungry and cannibalistic but just can't finish cutting up that bambi?

After carrying out the command, and going into the animation, immediately start alternately tapping X and C!

It sounds ricidulous, but this works EVERY TIME. You will never get stuck again.

This makes playing DayZ on full servers far less stressful.



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Do one of the above

Tap X and C alternately

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The purpose of this report is not to subliminally condone the use of illegal narcotics.

I hope this sheds some light on the cause of the problem (except for getting up the slope)

And I hope some players are able to use this to their advantage. Getting stuck while using a splint in the middle of a firefight is extremely frustrating.

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I've discovered a disadvantage to this.

After you've started tapping X and C, you will no longer be able to cancel the action / animation.

This can lead to heavy assault and battery by zombies without a chance of escape.