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0x00540680 referenced memory... 0x0000000 memory could not be read!
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Hello i've been trying to get this problem fixed, but the error message keeps appearing. I have tried reinstalling, Restarting steam, Battleye.
But it din't help.

Error message i reiceve: the instruction at 0x00540680 referenced memory... 0x0000000
memory could not be read!

{F31354} {F31355}


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The error message pops up instantly when i start up dayz SA.

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theres other post with this kind of memory error related, check them out !
but if you want,right click dayz/proprietes/launch parameter
Put -dologs as a launch until crash,and Locate your chrasdump in folder: users/&user&/appdata/local/dayz
(should be 3 files: dayz.rpt, dayz.mdmp and dayz.bidmp. Compress them into 1 file and upload)
you can run a DXdiag and upload it to

Uploaded files are mine. Sorry for unpacked version. i've too late read the "compress them".. But, i still have the same Problem after verious tests (reinstall, uninstall, old driver, new driver) always the same with BE.. Intresseting thing is, that DayZ starts normaly since the last update wednesday or thursday, only if i start dayz.exe (not dayz_BE.exe) with parameter "-dologs". But no server with no Battleye deactivated is out there to test.
if i change to experimental, the game crashs at start, but with this error code: 0x00548516. the experimental with "-dologs" starts normaly. if i start with dayz_be.exe and "-dologs", the game crashs with "D24S8 for x8r8g8b8". Hardware acceleration is managed by ati driver and cannot be changed. second thing is, BE shows me at start with "-dologs" INFO: blocked file: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\aticfx32.dll" ... or so


@rubeno1300 we are fix the this error. I hope be useful @nemesis_fs's guide for you. I would like to anounce to everyone that solution because the game unplayable because of this error.

it is here:

Geez added a comment.Apr 17 2015, 12:46 PM

Hello rubeno1300.
Does the issue still persist on current patch?