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2nd gun instead of Melee
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Since a melee weapon such as a fire axe can be held on the back in a similar fashion to a gun. Would be interesting to have the option to sub out the melee weapon on the back for a 2nd gun. Now I see this posses a bit of an issue as you can just put the axe into your backpack, but to change this just make the axe not fit into a backpack, only smaller melee weapons suck as the hatchet, machete, ice axe, ect can fit in backpack, these are all lower class melee weapons that usually take 2 hits + to kill a Zed and many more in most cases to kill another player. Another option is to limit which weapons can be placed in the 2nd gun slot. Most people do the 2 gun thing anyways why not give us an option as to how we can hold that 2nd larger gun that would never fit in backpack.


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Why be limited to guns? Why not be able to have two melee weapons? Maybe you want to play as a farmer with a pitchfork and woodcutter's axe, or a construction worker with the pickaxe and sledgehammer? It would be interesting, that's for certain.

Why even have so many magic inventory slots? A single one that can hold both guns (including handguns) and melee weapons is more than enough.

Or remove them completely and add gun slings. Even less free power.

Nope, it's best the way it is now.
I don't want this to happen