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Constantly Being Murdered While Spawning
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I have been killed so many times while spawning. It's ludicrous! Every time I figure that I want to play on a different server, I end up going in one of those servers with about 10 people and I am that one unlucky guy that spawns whilst someone is inside my building. It's unfair because I've been full-geared, healthy, and happy. Then the game is ruined by me spawning to gunshots and not even seeing the Ready! message in the Please Wait screen because I have been spawn killed. This needs to be stopped because It is killing the fun in the game because now I can't make any progress because somebody gets lucky that there is no spawn protection. NOW here are the two solutions I think may work!

  1. Make a feature where you don't spawn if there is someone within 10m of you OR In the same building as you.
  1. Warn in the loading screen that there is a player or zombie near you!


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Be in any traffic area
Log off
Join another server
Log in to find yourself dead on the ground

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And what, you never killed anybody spawning in?
This has happened to me at least once apparently, although extremely unlucky. I killed at least three guys while spawning in.

Once, I spawned in on a server with ONE other guy in Turovo and he was in the cammo building with me. I saw him because while loggin in you can see through walls. That gave me the distinct advantage in that case.

Your suggestions don't work. They both give you an opportunity to spawn in again later knowing there's a guy nearby and giving you an advantage.

What I would suggest is that you don't see anything but a black screen at all and can't hear anything until the server is fully loaded and can not be seen either until you actually decide to move your character. Zombies shouldn't attack you either.

Sometimes, you just lose connection and respawn spack in the middle of a road and can not respond to the zombie attack for almost a half a minute.

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Have you not thought of logging out in the forest? I never get spawn killed because I leave the building and go out a ways.


Sorry to hear about the bad luck you've run into. I'll close the ticket since this is not a bug. The subject that's been discussed many times over on the forums and by the devs, and it does not seem like this mechanic will change in the near future. The best advise we can give is to make sure to log out in a safe/remote location.