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(.55 Exp) Doors randomly open/close themselves whenever a player joins the server.
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I've only seen this happen in Novodmitrovsk at the moment, however the town's gates, doors, car doors will all open or close themselves whenever a player joined the server. It seems it was happening on the UK First person servers, and a small lag spike would happen right before the bug occured.
Doors that I had opened previously while looting had closed themselves, or any doors that were left untouched had opened.


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Be actively present in a town (Novodmitrovsk is where it happened for me), while any player joins the server.

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I am unsure whether this happens in other towns, as I have not been elsewhere at the moment.

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It happens also along the north cost city´s and inland. It is really spooky.

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I can confirm that this happens to any door you can open / close (At NWAF) and many other places on the map.

However, I cannot confirm this for player joining in as I've not thought about that, however It may be true.

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+1 Actually This is nice but if done with wind our some other cause

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Hello TheFlyingBucket and thank you for the report.
We are aware of this issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.