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Some ideas for the Play button
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Right now the Play button either takes you to the server list or connects you to the last server you were playing on. I think there is room for improvement.

First off if there is a last known server, it would be handy to see how many players were currently online. Screenshot below for impression. I guess the servername is not that important and since you have already played on it, ping should be fine aswell. Might be an idea to show that extra info when you hover over it.

I think many will agree that the best possible experience you can get from DayZ is on a low latency server that has high population. Maybe instead of redirecting you to the server browser (when no last server present or available), it should automatically find you a suitable server and connect you to that one.

Players that want to pick a server themselves can simpy click the change server button (which could be renamed to server browser).

Example: {F31293}


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A quick-play option into the best populated server would be great. I'd like it better if any server info (name, pop, latency, etc.) were in some alt text or a small box next to the button. It's just cleaner looking.

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I like the player count next to the play button from last server, quick way for people to decide if they join same as last or another.