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Broken or stuck V3S´s dont respawn,
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We have a big problem with the trucks not reSpawning on our server. There is about 5 trucks stuck in some kind of limbo at the north edge of the map. They dissappeard through the map or up in space and now they just stand there, not willing to let no one enter and use them. If you go "outside the map border and try to enter a the truck you die. We've tried blowing em up but they just laugh and remain there On some kind of strike. There is one truck in sosnovka (north of Zelenogorsk) without wheels and sunk in the tarmac. You can open the doors but the option to enter will not come up. This one has also gotten the grenade treatment but without results. They have survived restarts, loot storage reset and the wednesday maintenance without moving back to a new spawn. And a few of them have been seen on the bottom of the sea at prison island (I hate lazy ppl who does uses this exploit). Is there a way to reset them?? Right now no trucks will respawn or can be used...


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Try shooting the truck until it blows up. I usually do this whenever I abandon a crash. Not sure if it works but in theory it should.

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Already tried shooting and blowing them up. But the wreck remains.

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Hello h00t.
Deleting the server storage will delete the vehicles on server too. If deleting storage does not work, please contact your GSP as the storage may not be deleted properly.