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Reloading bolt-action rifles, shotguns..
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I hate the fact that a Mosin, for example, with 0<ammo<5 has to be emptied before ammo can be added; why? To my knowledge, you can always add rounds into a bolt-action rifle. Same goes with shotguns.


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Here is my suggestion:

For bolt-action rifles like the mosin or CR527, the .22 sporter and repeater, as well as all shotguns.

If your ammo is 0<current<max, you should be able to add a single bullet to the internal magazine by hitting "R".

Why a single? To balance the fact that you do not need a magazine for these rifles.

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I disagree;

Adding a single bullet into the chamber one by one and closing the bolt in between is just foolish. Instead, as developers have stated before, Dean Hall specifically, he sees that as "we", the survivors, are amateurs (seen in animations with weapons, movement with arms)

  • Make the reloading sloppy without a clip loader, so when you reload bullets one by one into the chamber, make it a slow animation. Also, make it that it can be only reloaded from the Inventory screen, not just by pressing R (default). And when you have a clip drastically increase the speed of the reload animation, but of course weapon has to be empty for a clip to be loaded and this would work with just the press of R.

You just stated how it works right now...

I thought we wanted to get over the clunky inventory bull and face reality, as in

"I have a few bullets in my chest-pocket and want to load a single one to finish of that other survivor slowly dying infront of me"


"I have fired a single round and want to fill the gun again, oh look I placed my bullets conveniently into my chest-pocket and can easily load it into the gun"

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Well yeah..

It could be something like holding down "R" to feed one bullet at a time, releasing it will stop the animation and reloading sequence. But yeah, still make it slow to balance out to magazines and clip loaders...

"Why a single? To balance the fact that you do not need a magazine for these rifles. "

Oh please. That is just a dumb handicap. How about you reload single ROUND (not bullet!) after single round until you hit "cancel action" then it stops adding a round.

Anyway, issue was upvoted. The game development needs much more proper input like this instead of "PLEASE ADD THE VSS VINTOREZ ITZ MY FAV GUN!"

I also did some effort to come up with some good ideas to improve the reloading aspect.

Please read, and if it's worthy, upvote