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Long Range Scope model possible mistake
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Not sure if it is an intended part of the model, but to my eye, while inspecting the scope model in in-game inventory, it seems that at the attaching part of the scope the rail itself that the scope would normally be attached to in a modern AR-15 like weapon, for instance, is already there.

Now I'm thinking maybe it has been modeled there on purpose, explains why it could possibly be mounted on a Mosin, so

Maybe add some kind of extra item into the game, that would allow the mounting of rail type attachments, LRS included, into Mosin and perhaps other future firearms. To my mind, finding a scope mounted on a seperate part of mounting rail... is just no.


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Modeling the LRS with a rail makes it look better when 'attached' to a rifle. And you're right about the Mosin, there isn't any way you would be able to mount anything but a PU (which was manufactured to be used with the side rail of the Mosin or SKS) without additional hardware and possibly having to drill out part of your receiver.

If you look at the way the LRS sits on the Mosin currently, it actually covers part of the bolt, right above the magazine. You would have a very hard time inserting rounds, and FORGET about using stripper clips.

Just another quirk of an unfinished design.

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Still, they should put someone to work on the Mosin and the LRS. Better finish weapons already added to the game before they add more, don't you think? Seems like it's more of a nuisance to go back to something you have already designed and added.

Like mentioned above in my previous message and in your words, they should make it so you have to "mod" the LRS into the rifle. Kinda like the idea of having to go an extra mile to get LRS on the rifle.