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Item durability too low / Weapon damage too high.
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As soon as Dayz SA early access was added on steam i bought it and, since then, it was a problem for me to keep my gear/loot in good condition because of different reasons. For example I cant understand why sometimes one hit from zombies makes your clothes ruined. Or while in combat you always can be sure that you will loose smth. cuz just one hit makes your item ruined and all things in it too. So it makes no sense to fight with players as you know if you manage to kill someone you wont be able to pick up loot cuz it ruined.

Of course string of bursts will kill you.. and things in you too but a few hits ruining evrything.. that makes no sense.

The question is: Is it possible to add hitpoints for items so they wouldnt break so fast or lower damage concerning to items?


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I have to second to this, to an extent. A clothing, though dependant on the item, can and should if bad luck, break or tear from a zombie or a strike with a melee weapon with a sharp edge. But when talking about bullet penetration, since currently you can ruin a clothing with a single rifle round, this is wrong.

Instead, a rifle ammo should go clean through with a chance. This chance depending how filled the clothing is with hard items, eg compare a jacket with 4 slots and a vest with 8: jacket has a lot more area of cloth compared to the vest, considering pocket space too. In other words, its even much more likely that a bullet wouldnt damage an item on jacket than the same item in vest.

And yes, one bullet hole in a clothing shouldnt make it ruined.

I dont understand how one single bullet can hit everything in your inventory. And how can a zombie hit destroy a can, unless they have wolverines knives.