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AKM 75rnd Drum cannot reload unless completely empty
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If a 75rnd Drum mag is attached to the AKM, reload ("R") does not work. The mag only allows itself to be replaced by another one if it is completely empty.
If one whises to change the mag before it is dry (in a firefight, unsure about bullet count), this needs to be done via the inventory screen.

This is different for 30rnd mags which can be changed even if only a single bullet has been fired. This is how it should work!

It should be noted that I only had one 75rnd mag and cannot say if it works if you have multiple mags of the same type (Additional 75rnd in Inventory). My 30rnd mags where aftermarket, not original.


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Steps To Reproduce

Have at least one full 30rnd aftermarket AK mag, as well as the 75rnd Drum.

1.Load a full 75rnd Drum mag into an AKM.
2.Fire a few rounds
3.Press Reload
=>Nothing will happen
4.Unless you empty the 75rnd, you cannot swap out the mags, only via Inventory.

Additional Information

30rnd where Aftermarket, painted green
AKM Buttstock was Plastik and painted green
Bypod and Handguard with Rail attached
Inventory space was sufficient for 75rnd mag (More than six slots), also a 2x2 space was free

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I can confirm that having 2 75-round mags, the reload function works fine, no matter if the current one is empty or not.

I believe this is a bug that has something to do with the 30-rnd mags. I experience the exact same issue with an AK101 and AKS-74U. So it's not gun-related I think.

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Hello Nothun and thank you for the report.
Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce the issue you have described. The AKM drum mags were tweaked and reloading them the way you described should be possible once the new patch hits Steam. Also currently due to the engine limitations you are able to reload between magazines of the same type only, this will be changed in the future stages of development.