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Battleeye Stuck in Update Loop
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A few days ago, I reported this problem on ticket #0022389, for a different PC. I am now experiencing this problem on a second machine and this time I can not get un-stuck form the update loop.

Per your feedback on ticket #0022389, I have contacted Battleeye support, directly. I wanted to alert you that Battleeye is still being a pain in the ass, so I will paste the text of my e-mail to them, below.


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Attempt to connect to a server.

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Subject: Battleeye Stuck in Update Loop
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2015 03:49:12 -0500


I play DayZ Experimental and my Battleeye client is stuck in an update loop. I was playing as recently as the day before yesterday, without any problems. Every time I attempt to connect to a server, Battleeye initiates an update and then restarts DayZ. I reviewed your FAQ and:
I have disabled my virus software.
I have renamed the C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/BattlEye folder to Battleye_old. When Battleeye updates it recreates the BattleEye folder and populates it with BEService.exe and BEService_dayz.exe.
I have set D:/Steam/steamapps/common/DayZ/DayZ_BE.exe to run with administrator privileges.

In addition to this:
I have renamed the C:/users/"me"/AppData/Local/DayZ/BattleEye folder to BattleEye_old. When Battleeye updates it recreates the BattleEye folder and populates it with BEClient.dll.

I have renamed D:/Steam/steamapps/common/DayZ/BattlEye folder to BattlEye_old. When I do this, I receive a Battleeye error message and Battleeye does not attempt to run, nor to update.

When I start DayZ, I can see via the Task Manager that BEService is running. When I stop DayZ, I can see that BEService stops. This is a X64 machine, so I am puzzled as to why I do not see the BEServicex64 service running.
I can manually restart BEService via Task Manager, before I start DayZ and that makes no difference.

I had this same, exact problem with a different machine. After updating five times, I renamed the C:/users/"me"/AppData/Local/DayZ/BattleEye folder. Battleeye updated once more and I haven't had any problems with that machine since. This machine has "updated" a dozen times and I am still stuck in a loop. I have restarted DayZ, restarted Steam and rebooted the PC.

This machine:
Intel i7 5930K
ASRock X99 Extreme 4
4-Channel G.Skill 16GB
Windows 8.1 Professional x64
OS on drive C:
Steam library on drive D:

I have attached fresh DxDiag and msinfo files for your convenience.

Thanks for your help,

Please note, the only time that I get an error message is when I rename the D:/Steam/steamapps/common/DayZ/BattlEye folder. Otherwise, Battleeye appears to be doing a routine update (over and over and over and over ...)

When launching the game I get a "Failed to install BattlEye Service." / "Failed to start BattlEye Service." error. How can I solve this?

Something on your system prevents the installation/startup of the BE Service, which is required to play on BE-enabled servers.

Please ensure that any security software (anti-virus, etc.) running on your system doesn't block the BE Service (both BEService.exe/BEService_x64.exe in your game's "BattlEye" directory as well as BEService.exe in the BE Service directory, which is usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye") in any way. You might have to add it to your security software's exception list. If that doesn't help or you don't use any sort of security software there might be a permission issue with your BE Service directory or the files within it.

To solve this delete the BE Service directory (usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye") and then try to launch your game again.

If you still get the same error at this point please try to manually set the BE Launcher (for ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead: "ArmA2OA_BE.exe" in your game directory) to run with administrative privileges (normally this should happen automatically). To do so right-click on the BE Launcher executable, choose "Properties", go to the "Compatibility" tab, check the "Run this program as an administrator" option and click OK to apply your changes.

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I did some more tinkering and I learned something interesting. See also my ticket #0022538. Please note that the following are all experimental servers.

I primarily use one of the US Southcentral 1st person servers, but all of the US Southcentral boxes currently seem to be off line.

My next goto are the US Central servers. Again, I prefer 1st person, so I was using US Central 0-2 and it had me stuck in a Battleeye update loop.

The next few servers have unsatisfactory pings, but I tried them to see if we could learn anything.

I tried US Southwest 0-1 and it let me in without a Battleeye update.

I then tried US East 0-2 and it also let me in without a Battleeye update.

I then tried US Northeast 0-6 and I had no trouble getting onto that server, either.

Meanwhile US Central 0-2 still insists that I do a Battleeye update.

It would appear that specific server configs are causing the Battleeye update loop. I have already updated ticket #0022537 with this information.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks again!

Hello BleedoutBill,

As with the rest of DayZ, the BE team is also continuously developing the BE anti-cheat system, so issues such as this will appear during development. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do from our end, but please rest assured that BattlEye will address this problem during the development cycle.