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binocular raises up and down and up and down...
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Sometimes if i try to use binoculars my figure cant raise it up. So its going back to the down position. Then it tries to get up again and goes down to holding position. So its going upto 5 or more times. Sometimes it works without problems. I think its better with more then 25fps. But its only an idea. The problem is since some patches. No patch specified. And its on a fresh installed windows too. I havent found anything about this in the internet.


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No reproducing. With better fps it seems to be better :-)

EDIT: The problem seems to exist only at LESS than 20 FPS!!!

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I have experienced this if I am standing next to (and too close to) an object, such as a wall, or a tree.

On consideration, I think that the elbows must go out to the side when raising the binoculars. If there is a collision with a nearby object, the character automatically lowers the binoculars.