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Requesting ability to use a spary
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Just like CS and many other games, we should have the ability to spray a tag.


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I'm curious why this was down voted so much?

"I'm curious why this was down voted so much?"

Most likely that people don't want this to be something like "Valve" CS kind of game? For my part I think it could be a good idea, but maybe make it something that represent the game? Maybe warning signs for infected areas and similar.

The idea itself is good and I vote this up :)


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i'd be ok with freehand drawing with spraypaint cans, but like hugin_q3 is saying... i don't want valve game porno sprays and whatever else on the walls in the game.

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Freehand spraying would be nice. Tagging looted houses, spraying arrows on tarmac, etc. But I'm afraid it will devolve into all walls being covered with "[KOS]l33Thaxx0R420nosCope wuz herr lulz" :P

People abusing the spray system can be dealt with. We shouldn't all suffer because people are concerned about inappropriate sprays.