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Some items have no spawn points (0.54)
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Almost all the items reported before have been fixed and now spawn, however there are a few which still don't or spawn incorrectly:

NATO Suppressor
Green Paramedic Pants/Jacket
JoeyX sunglasses
AK bayonet (might be Russian heli crash, not sure)
Tactical vest
Quiver for Bolts
Quiver for Arrows
Attachable Pouches
Gun Holster
PM73 RAK at prisons/ police stations, although the mags do spawn.

Thanks! If you find any more items please leave a comment, and hopefully I can run around with my fully kitted and suppressed MP5 like this old days :)

Here is a link to my original post: [^]


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Seconding this based on feedback from the official forums. Thank you!

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I am not quiet sure but I think the attachable pouches and gun holster for the plate carrier do not spawn in the 0.54 stable correct me if I am wrong.

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Thanks, have added it

I know that zombies aren't items, but I haven't seen those crawling zombies for a while.

I've seen AK Bayonets and Pouches in some vids. The Pouches and the Bayonet seem to be extremely rare but spawning according to some forum posts. Tactical Vest has been removed ages ago due to clipping issues and it was just an item that was copied from Arma 3. But i agree on Chainsaw and also haven't seen a gun holster but haven't played too much since 0.54.

"also haven't seen a gun holster but haven't played too much since 0.54. "
if you mean that leather pistol holster, it's spawning afair

anyone seen a combat knife? Haven't found one for ages. If yes where do they spawn?

pouches and pistol holster for the plate carrier spawing in 0.55 exp

.54 is a funny spawn

Most items aren't spawning correctly except for the island most likely intended. the police stations have been taken hits from this.

What is the limits of our database?

Combat knives spawn at heli crashes, I found one today.

Firm what do you mean?

I rent a stable server and can confirm the list of items in your ticket do not spawn.

Great, thanks :)

After a quick glance at the list again, we have found AK Bayonets at Russian heli crash sites (low spawn rate). Same for the PM73 RAK and magazines for it.