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SUGGESTION: Please add an ashwood tree and chickens to Skalisty
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Just a thought, I'd like to see it made possible to survive 100% without having to depend on respawning loot or swimming over to the aminland again and again.

It would be really neat to have a safe haven to hunt and surthrive where people are not constantly passing by. Skalisty is a great place for a community to establish itself, but it lacks a few little resources. I think a few ashwoods and a half a dozen chickens plus some rabbits and maybe goats would be a great addition.

Maybe a lake to do some fishing, too.


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I have been looking for an ash tree for 3 hours in experimental. I have meat items to make a fireplace and light a fire but cannot cook because I cannot find an ash tree. Why is ash so important, surely a stick from any tree will do.

I have all this meat in my inventory and I am still living off apples. Perhaps we could have a few more ash trees or you could allow us to cook with other sticks.

Hi wilbur

I generally don't get a few things about survival mechanics in the game. Like why you would need to actually have an axe to chop down an ashwood stick, why won't a hacksaw or machete do the same. We're talking about a stick!

I also would like to see frying meat on rocks, and not have to carry a pot or pan or cooking tripod around with me.

I think the devs should actually spend two weeks on a survival holiday and THEN work on the game mechanics.