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Unable to put Alcohol in FAK
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I can't put Alcohol Tincture in First Aid Kit. Alcohol for cleaning rags is medical item, and it should be able to be put in kit.
Before, we were able to put it in FAK, but after some updates I am not able to place it inside box.


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-Put Alcohol Tincture in First Aid Kit box.

Additional Information

We were able to put tincture inside kit but we aren't able to do that anymore.

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same with heatpacks and blood test kit etc.

Confirmed...used to have a bottle of medic alcohol in my medpacks, now it can't be put in anymore..

Geez added a comment.Mar 5 2015, 1:51 PM

Hello JustCaused and thank you for the report.
Inability to put alcohol tincture and heatpacks into FAK is a design choice. As for the blood test kit, we were unable to reproduce the issue. Please retest once another update goes up on Steam.