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No loot at heli crash sites
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So I've found 1 american heli crash and 2 other russian Mi-17 ones. Haven't found a single piece of equipment at them, not even chemlights and I've searched thoroughly. All the crashes that I found were after the 0.54 update to stable branch. It might be just bad luck from me, but I find it a little weird not finding anything at all, not even chemlights and after 3 crashes in a row like this I thought this must be a bug.


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Confirmed. Looks like that is connected with bad performance of persistenZe. xD

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I have sort of experienced this. I found the loot first then about 10-20 meters away the crash site. If I had found the heli first I would think the same as the op no loot spawning.

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Update: I just found right now a heli crash that has been looted, only a few attachments were left. But still, there was loot. So I'm thinking it has something to do with persistent servers, although I can't remember what kind of server I was on when I found the other 3 with no loot.

I'll keep searching and update here.

Since 0.54 updated, I've found three heli crash sites, one russian. All were empty, but I thought that was because they had already been looted. When I noticed that they were empty, I got out of there because I thought that if they were looted, then there is a chance someone is watching me nearby. I didn't realize that maybe they hadn't been looted at all, and instead were just empty!

I've found several helicopters with full loot clips, m65 jacket, guns etc on non persistent severs so non persistent definitely spawns loot.

Just to clarify:

Heli crash sites work perfectly fine on non-persistent server.

On persistent server they stay after restart with same loot as there was before. If they had been looted they stay empty even after restart. Only the wednesday hardreset (persistence reset) spawn them at a new location, with loot.

I hope this helps understanding the current system.

I would only like to know if this is intended or if this system will likely be changed at some point.

best regards

Yeah, you're right. I found another 3 crashes on non-persistent servers and they all had loot.

I found two russian heli crash sites and there was no loot in them. However, while walking away from one of them, I saw some boots in the grass... and then there was all the loot! It was like it exploded out the front window when the helicopter crashed and went flying away from the site.

The other crash site I found was on a different server, so I logged back into that one and went searching around the perimeter of the crash site, and there was the loot!

I didn't take note if these were persistent servers or not.


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Just found a UH1 on a persistent server and no loot around it. It might have been looted by other people I could not say for sure. I did look around it further out to see if the loot had spawned away from the crash site, but found nothing. Not conclusive but we shall see over time if this is a problem.

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Yep in one run I encountered 3 MI crash sites and none of them had any loot in them or 40m around them that I could see. That was on a persistent server. I hope they fix this soon as what is the point of these crash sites where they have unique items that you cant get to test.

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I was on a server that reset whilst playing on it. I went back onto that server and looked for crash sites I found 1 UH crash site, but no loot. As it was a fresh restart and only 1 other person was on at any time when looking for the crash sites I don't think it was looted and if it was I would expect to see items they would have removed to make room for anything of interest at the crash site. I was at the crash 20 mins after reset so not that long. I was on a 1 person server with persistence on.

Well then, this just confirms that persistent servers are bugged. Either that or it's working as "it is supposed to work" and not spawning anything until the wednesday reset. If so, that's just wrong in my opinion...

Yep defo 1p persistent servers are bugged. I'm find loot at all the crash sites I find on none persistent 1p servers.

Found some loot last night on a heli crash site, so I think this isn't an issue anymore

This was reported as an issue in March of 2015. It was fixed long ago

Yeah this issue should be marked as resolved